Seanchaí tells it this way.
There was a Tree Man powerful and vast,
his fingertips piercing the sky above skies,
his roots plunging into the earth .
He traveled far
looking for he knew not what.
It was not easy to speak with him,
his restless nature creating
disturbance and unease wherever he went.
One day he encountered the River Daughter.
Astounded by her beauty
he ceased roaming to gaze at her fluid curves,
fathomless nature and nourishing coolness.
She began to sing to him,
he whom she had been waiting for.
She sang her song of life,
a melody of ripples,
her invitation to quench his thirst.
She was his equal
and he knew this to be so.
He entered her, sank his roots
into her watery depths and drank there,
knowing himself for the first time.
Yes, this is the union
of the Tree Man and the River Daughter.

60w x 67h x 14d 2004