Raven and the Travellers

Raven was thinking.
He had decided to help the Travellers
take the souls to the Other Side.
So he carries them a distance in his wing.
They travel in the Canoe That Steers Itself.
He wears the totems of the great nations
Thunderbird, Bear, Beaver,
Frog, Wolf and Human on his chest.
Ancestor Lamenter sits on
Raven's right shoulder
chanting the songs for the souls
and providing the cadence
for rower to row by.
Rower is the ancient helmsman.
Warrior stands honor guard
in the rear of the Spirit Canoe
while The One Who Carries The Breath
of The Earth kneels in front of
the sacred reliquary box.
This box is marked on all sides
by symbols of Spirit Beings
of the highest order.
40w x 48h x 21d 2000