Return From the Night Sea Journey

She, the near-mermaid,
is returning from her difficult time
in the deep dark sea,
a place of monsters and confrontation.
This is symbolized by her pushing
out of the fish tail.
She is arrayed in red signifying
a successful ripening of the individual.
This evolves to gold, union with the Sun,
whose intense heat burns away the dross
and welcomes the newly made.
The small ancestor beings tell her story.
The lowest one still mostly fish
struggles upward.
The next one is more nearly human
as she climbs from the depths.
The third, a Marakame, has succeeded
and is carried by her steed, the fish
towards the Sun.
The fourth ancestor, the Cat,
holds us in quiet containment
as he patiently guides the human soul
to its destiny.

35w x 70h x 8d 2001