Earthmaker is one of the primary gods.
She carries the water of life in her left hand
and in her right the life giving grains.
These are the two essential elements
in the Above World.
In the Underworld her left foot
supports the serpent and her right the fish.
In this way she is whole.
From the center of her body
grows the Tree of Life.
The ancestor Singer sits in its branches
as does the ancestor Raven
who has brought the Fire.
The ancestor Shaman descends
through the vagina into the Underworld
shaking his ceremonial rattle.
The ancestor on top is named
for the god of the Malagasy,
“He who sits on top of the head.”
He is a guiding force.
The two headed Thunderbird
rests at the throat.
In this way there is life.
36w x 58h x 23d 1998